Forms & Documents
Documents Name Description Download
Bill of Lading (F&B) Front side of our Bill of Lading
Bill of Lading (VICS) Bill of Lading in VICS format
Bill of Lading (VICS Supplemental) Supplemental to VICS Bill of Lading
VICS Instructions Instructions for VICS Bill of Lading
Canada Custom Invoice Custom Invoice for Canada Shipments
Commercial Invoice Entry (Canada) Commercial Invoice Entry for Canada Shipments
Packing List Entry (Canada) Packing List form for Canada Shipments
Export Declaration Form (Canada) Export Declaration form 7525-V for Canada
Export Declaration Form Instructions (Canada) Instructions for Export Declaration Form (Canada)
Charge Authorization Form Additional Charges Authorization Form
Blind Shipment Agreement Agreement for Blind Shipments
Letter of Authority Vhaul4u Letter of Authority
Credit Application Credit Application
Credit Card Authorization Credit Card Authorization Form
W-9 Form W-9 Form
Claim Form Standard Claim Form
Overcharge Freight Form Overcharge Standard Claim Form
Inspection Report Form Inspection Report Form (Short or Damaged Freight)